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Jay-Z Says Original "We Are The World" Is Untouchable, Uses Wrong Defintion Of "Untouchable"

While on the red carpet at some event, Jay-Z talked about why he isn't on the remake of "We Are the World," claiming that the original is "untouchable" and shouldn't be re-recorded. That's true, I guess. But Jigga means that from a position of reverence; dude really thinks the original is as good as anything on Thriller. Clearly the song is untouchable. But that's due to the fact it's a giant piece of shit, not in that it's a really good song. [Real Talk NY]

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He's probably just so relieved he didn't get involved after he saw the end result. You gotta admit...the original We Are The World looks pretty great next to the new one.

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yeah, the original's a POS. so is this site.


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