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Jay-Z Says No One is Afraid of 50 Cent in Interview with BBC

In an interview with Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio this weekend, Jay-Z, predictably, had to talk about the whole Kanye West-Taylor Swift imbroglio. The most intriguing bit in an interview short of them is that Jay told Nelson that Kanye would have done it to anyone, even 50 Cent. "Let me make this clear, no one is afraid of 50 Cent" Jay told Nelson. Expect a comeback from 50 in 3, 2, 1....[via Real Talk NY]

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50 Cent

That's what I'm talking about jay-z!!! No one is afraid of 50 cent!!!!!! Thank you finally someone speaks on this 50 cent clown 50 cent swear he so tough and loves controversy starts up something from nothing and picks on little people who can't defend theyself or someone he thinks he could get a easy win on!!!!!!! Thank you for speaking up jay!!!


hey gohard. look. so you sayin, lil wayne, fat joe, camron, rick ross, ja rule, among a host of others are "little people who cant defend themselves"?... not to mention alot of 50's beefs are from people tryin to go at him. and jay z aint nothin lemme add that in there. be forreal dude.


listen... i copped the blueprint 3 the day after it came out and listened to it.let me tell you..... jay z new album is hot.... but nobody and i mean nobody is comparing wit 50's first album.... everyone hates on 50 becouse they think he went commercial...when in actuallity he's the best rapper alive. and every1 sayin 50's soft would never ever say it to his face! BE CLEAR! BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT IS GOING TO BRING A NEW ERA TO GANGSTER RAP! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO RICK ROSS, CAM'RON, JA RULE, AND MANY MORE..... HE SHUT THEM DOWN! 50 CENT IS THE TRUTH......


Nah mang....Jay is right and wrong. He may not be afraid of 50 Cent but alot of artists are. They don't want there careers to look like Ja Rule and shyt LOL. I can't say he destroyed Cam, Game, and Fat Joe's Career because those guys are still puttin in work and have never had his numbers in sales. But he did beat em in battle. Only Ja was @ pop star status and 50 terminated that there. As far as Jay Z? I like both artists but 50 Cent has done more for hip hop lately than Jay Z. 50 has Sha Money doin what he did but on the production side. In fact Sha Money XL's Producer Conference is the biggest one in the world right now. Don't take my word for it. Kid from Montreal Canada named Billboard won it last year (Beat Battle). Look at his body of work. 50 will make a hit from a named producer or a no-named cat (Apex produced - I Get Money). He's the single reason why alot of us producers are getting a chance to eat and compete wit the big boys. Cat's like Jay Z never take a chance on new producers. Never! Check his resume. And on top of all that I'll give Jay Z the nod on his lyrical skills over 50. Can't front on the obvious and 50 will agree himself. But 50 has an edge. Which is why Rick Ross can't talk to him, or Game, or Cam, or Jay Z. 50 does his own hooks! Period. Look at Blueprint 3 and look how much work is put in by other artists. Matter of fact go back and do the discography on these artists. 50 was on the hook for most of his major bangers and the rest of these niggas wasn't. I love em all cuz it's all hip hop and I know none of em personally but I feel alotta people sleep on the things 50 has done in hip hop and for hip hop. Think about it...@ $500 million plus various investments and additional avenues to cook up more money this nigga still raps and brings it wit the street essence. Of course he shows the other side too....we all human. But give the man his respect. Or else don't get upset when he drops albums and songs that reverberates everything that he's done and achieved because people wanna deny his body of work....


Jigga, i agree he is real but not tough and he cant go to the extent of bulshi*in with 50,Jigga is the coolest punk in hip hop. yep he is old.let m tell u the fact man, Jigga is trying to bullsh*t now at this age!!!,oh mi God,i can tell u he doesnt mind because the grave is waiting for him due to his age man.i think he had stepped on the wrong side of 50 and he must wait for the distruction if thats what he wants. he should get lesson from the past history of other gay niggas like ja, mmm together with west. this time i can tell u man Fiddy owns that


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