Jay-Z Releasing Greatest Hits Album, It May or May Note Include Regina Spektor Song

    It turns out that “Crispy Benjamins,” the Regina Spektor-sampling song that Jay-Z recorded at the same time as other tracks on Blueprint 3, isn’t going to be released on a deluxe version of the album, as was reported yesterday. Why? Because said deluxe version doesn’t exist.


    A rogue PR person sent out a news blast that claimed there was going to be a deluxe version of BP3, on which “Crispy Benjamins” was to be a main bonus track, but that turned out to not be sanctioned by Roc Nation. But the track does indeed exist, and it might actually be released, just not on Blueprint 3. It might be included on Jay-Z’s greatest hits album, which is due out on Nov. 24 via Def Jam, as a new bonus track. [MTV]