Jay-Z on Rihanna: “We All Should Just Support Her”

    It was rumored that Jay-Z called Chris Brown “a walking dead man” in the wake of his alleged physical abuse of girlfriend Rihanna. Now the hip-hop star has given an interview on the altercation, saying "I just think we all should just support her.” Jay-Z was speaking in Arizona, where he co-hosts an annual dinner as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend.

    "It’s not a sound bite, this is a real situation," he said. "If you can’t have compassion for others…just imagine it being your sister or your mom or someone like that, then think about how you should talk about that. She’s going through a tough time. You gotta realize she’s a young girl, as well. She’s very young."

    Meanwhile, in the desperate media clamor for quotes on the Rihanna-Chris Brown story, former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has voiced his opinion. “They’re crazy," says Siriano. Then, perhaps sensing that his 15 minutes of fame have all ticked out, he follows up with: “They have too much money, they’re bored, they had to do something. I’ve met Rihanna, she’s kind of a diva…I don’t think anyone deserves that. But it has to be something she did to provoke it.”