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Jay-Z May Have Gotten Chris Brown Kicked Off the BET Awards

The conspicuous absence of Chris Brown from the BET Awards show -- essentially a three-hour long tribute to Michael Jackson -- was noted by anyone who tuned into the broadcast. The R&B singer -- who has earned constant comparisons to Jackson since a 2007 MTV Music Awards performance earned him widespread attention -- may have been dropped from the list of performers at the request of

Jay-Z. According to The Source, the rapper threatened not to perform if Brown were also a part of the broadcast. It's obvious whose star power is bigger: Jay-Z took the stage at the show while Brown didn't make an appearance.


After pleading guilty to charges of assault last week in a Los Angeles courtroom, Brown was sentenced to six months of community service for physically abusing singer and Jay-Z protegé Rihanna in February. [The Source, NME]

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Chris Brown

Ok So Everyone Can Forget About When Hova Pushed The Lady In Her Face But You Cant Forgot When Chris Brown Hit Rihanna. Everyone Who Said That Is Like A Hypocrite. Jay Z Is A Hypocrite. Don Cornelius and Bobby Brown Same charges Were still On The Stage. Lil Wayne, Baby, Snoop Drug Charges. T.I got An Award And He In Jail For Possession Of Illegal Weapons. Michael Jackson Died. That Was The Whole Point Of The Tribute. Chris Brown Would Have Really Made The BET Awards Show So Much Better. Death Of Autotune Sucked. Im Not Saying Forget But Yall Need To Forgive. No Ones Perfect And You Cant Sit Here And Say You Are. We All Make Mistakes Yall Need To Forgive Chris Let ByGons Be Bygons And Move The Hell On. Jay Z Need To Grow The Hell Up And Before He Points Fingers Make Sure His HAnds Are Clean. Everyone Is Being so Hard On Chris. Give Him A Break EveryBody Messes Up. everyone Deserves A Second Chance. Stop Thinking Rihanna Is So Innocent, Cause She Isnt. If i Were Chris Brown's Sister i Would Have Whooped Her Butt Myself.. Im Not Even A Fan Of Chris But Jay-Z Went Too Far With That. That Was "Mad Childish" Of Him. Its Not About Respecting Rihanna Its About Respecting Michael Jackson.


Jay pushed a girl in the face, Chris beat Rihanna bloody and bruised. Pretty big difference.

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First let me start by saying that this is crazy. The Bet awards focus was about paying tribute to Michael Jackson and I don't understand why it became about Jay Z's beef with Chris Brown. The bottom line is we all for short sometimes. Now Im not saying what he did was right but we all make mistakes. All the other celebrities have made their fair share of them but from those mistakes is where they learn what not to do. I am a fan of both Jay Z and Chris Brown and this is just plain stupid to me and a little immature on Jay Z's part. A entertainer's personal life is just that personal and they don't owe us anything but their music. Michael Jackson even made his fair share of mistakes. At the end of the day the situation should have not gotten that far. If Jay Z had a issue maybe he should have addressed Chris personally. He the older one right?????? Stop judging one another and let's start helping each other make better decisions.


i agree with Courtney. Chris Brown (and Usher) are the closest we gonna get to Michael Jackson replacement now (in terms of singing and dancing). Rihanna is crazy psycho jealous island girl. Don't date a celebrity if you can't handle minor flirting.


Jay-Z was probably mad because Chris's performance would have outshined his.


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