Jay-Z vs. Lil Wayne?

    Do we have a legendary battle on the horizon, or will these just remain whispers? Last year Weezy caused a lot of chatter in the hip-hop world after his interview with Complex came out. He came out and dissed all sorts of people in the rap game, including Jay-Z, Pharrell and the Clipse. Things cooled down, though, and just when you thought things were deaded, there is speculation that the self-proclaimed best rapper alive and Hov are taking shots at one another. Compare the verses below that have people wondering. What do you think? Are Jay-Z and Lil Wayne going at each other?[more:]

    “You old ass rappers better stay on tour/ You like 44/ I got a 44/ I’m 24/ I could murk you and come out when I’m 44.” – from Lil Wayne’s verse from “Beat Without Bass” by Freekey Zekey
    “I hear you baiting me lately / I’ve been doing my best just to stay hater free / Still… watch what you say to me / Sooner or later I take you up on your offering / Put you all in your place / Like I’m replacing your father / You’re talking to the author / The architect of the Blueprint/ MY DNA IN YOUR MUSIC / Muthafucka… watch what you say to me.” – from Jay-Z’s verse from “Watch What You Say” by T.I.

    [Hip Hop DX]