Jay-Z & Kanye Respond To Syl Johnson Lawsuit

    In mid-October, we reported that soul musician Syl Johnson had filed a copyright lawsuit against Kanye West, Jay-Z, and other parties over the duo’s usage of his music on Watch The Throne‘s “The Joy.” To sum it all up for you, Yeezy wasn’t able to clear the sample, but he went ahead and used it anyway. And since then, we hadn’t heard from him and Hov, though that changed yesterday when Billboard.biz received a statement from their legal team.

    Essentially, Jay and Kanye are denying much of the allegations brought by Johnson, except for the fact that they acknowledge that “The Joy” was released before Watch The Throne dropped. Also, they noted that the song was only included in the album’s deluxe version. Jay and Kanye’s team also brought up whether or not Johnson’s track is covered by federal copyright law because it was recorded prior to 1972. That was the year the copyright law was amended to include recordings.

    I know I can’t be the only one interested in how this will pan out, though it’s looking like both sides are ready to fight.