Jay-Z Isn’t Sure If Made In America Will Take Place Next year

    Apparently Jay-Z was in a pretty chatty mood last night at the NBA 2K13 event. In addition to talking about his minimal interest in politics, the mogul gave some insight to whether or not there will be another edition of the successful Made In America festival that took place earlier this month in Philadelphia.

    Talking with Billboard, Hova said, “Oh yeah, we’ll do it again.” Not so fast though. “Well, we want to do it again. I don’t know if it’ll actually happen, but probably.”

    With a diverse lineup that saw hip-hop collective Odd Future on the stage right before veteran punks X and featured Jay-Z and Pearl Jam collaborating, Made In America went off without a hitch. Hopefully for fans, the rapper’s ambivalence was a precautionary measure and the festival will happen again next year.