Jay Z Is Being Sued For Illegal Sample Use On “Run This Town”

    This one is interesting, because for some reason artists like to start suing other musicians’ years later for samples. Maybe a money thing, may actually be legit. But anyways, Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” although a smash hit, is being hit with a lawsuit by musician Eddie Bo over alleged unauthorized use of his song “Hook & Sling.” 

    “TufAmerica Inc. socked the Brooklyn rapper and his record companies with a copyright infringement lawsuit Wednesday, claiming he illegally sampled a funky late 1960s jam without permission to jazz up the hit 2009 track “Run This Town.” The miffed label argues Jay Z should face the music because it owns the exclusive rights to “Hook & Sling,” a 1969 number by singer Eddie Bo and producer Al Scramuzza. “Run This Town,” which also features Rihanna and Kanye West, samples “Hook & Sling” dozens of times, the federal suit alleges.“

    This is so far reportedly the third time Jay is being sued by the company. Who knows the true background of the story, but I’m sure this will play out in court. 

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    Also, check out the song that is brought into question over sample use below: