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Jay-Z is a hip hop Medici

I was just talking to a friend about the charmed life that Jay-Z must lead. I imagine that when it gets too cold in NYC he just hops on his own plane to Miami; when he’s in the mood for an after dinner snack he has his personal chef whip up something fancy and macrobiotic; when he sees a beautiful girl in a magazine he remembers, oh yeah, that’s my wife. So it kind of makes sense that Hova is now getting into art collecting, and that the pieces he’s collected so far sell for more than most of us will make in our lifetimes.



 "I have a lot of pieces from Damien Hirst and Richard Price – they are incredible artists. Damien Hirst's “Beat Life, Cheat Death” piece was inspired by one of my songs, so that was cool." 


Wow. That is cool. You know what else is cool? Being able to say this: “[A]t the moment, I am just buying things I like and seeing where it takes me." 


You know, just plunking down a few million here and few million there to see where it takes him.  


See? Stars really are just like us – in that they take in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Otherwise, we have nothing in common. [Angry Ape]


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Was there really a reason for pointing out? Jay isn't the first off-the-charts-rich celebrity, so why is he being singled out? The news (well, maybe it counts as news) is that he's collecting art, not that he's rich.

Steve L

I really had been just talking to a friend (last night as a matter of fact) about what a lovely life Jay-Z must lead; couple that with the fact that there are scant few beginning art collectors whose first purchases are from an artist who just set a record for the most money making art show of all time. It's not a criticism, it's simply true: It's very, *very* nice to be Jay-Z, and he's not particularly interested in hiding that fact (quite the opposite, actually). Damien Hirsts and all.

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