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Jay-Z hopes to stay at Def Jam

Addressing rumors that he was no longer going to be on Def Jam, Jay-Z went on Hot 97 last Friday and said he would like to remain on board.
"My three-year contract is up soon," he said. And though he hasn't renewed yet, he says he wants to. As for why his name has popped up in connection with Columbia, he opined, "I guess Rick Rubin is [at Columbia] and we've got a relationship. But I haven't talked to Rick since he started at Columbia. I called him to say congratulations. But I've learned to it's leave the possibility open. Sometimes rumors spark real things."

Jay-Z also stated he did not plan to make a new album soon, although we've all heard that one before. Regarding the upcoming September 11 showdown between his artist Kanye and 50 Cent, Hov had this to say:
"It's great for retail, the record business, the buying public [and] the Internet so they can have their debates on who's going to win," he said. "I have to bet on the home team. It's going to be a good fight, too."

Will you buy either Kanye's or 50's albums on September 11?
[Jay-Z Denies Def Jam Split Rumors]
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Bump posted a link to the Jay-Z 'American Gangster' mixtape:

Dave Park

2007-09-01 M&auml;rsta, Sweden To My brother I hope all is well from this photo on display. I feel you have work so hard for Def Jam Recordings Company for great amount of years; and it is time for change. I would like you to move on to Columbia. Why? Because you need to explore something new and fresh. Adventure some new avenues that haven't been touch!You have that capablity and extreme talent to bring forth these great musical gifts.I hope one day we will be meet up and be able to colaborate on something new.God bless you and the entire family. One!Best of luck,Marvy Marv

m. stewart

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