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Jay-Z continues Oasis feud at Madison Square Garden (Video)

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.


If I’ve learned one thing from watching The Simpsons, it’s that nothing is worse than lying through a song. Taking your revenge, however, is pretty cool, especially when you are Jay-Z.


At Madison Square Garden last night Jay-Z offered the following rhyme: "That bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar/Somebody should have told him I'm a fucking rock star". He then followed it up with a line from “Wonderwall,” which he also used to open his set at Glastonbury: “Today is gonna be the day that I’m gonna throw it back to you.”


The rap is the latest salvo in the ongoing feud between Jay-Z and Noel Gallagher, which started when the Oasis member questioned whether rap had a place at the Glastonbury festival. Though Jay-Z seemingly is trying to get a more mileage out of the comments, Gallagher played them off, saying that “I wasn’t saying that I was better than Jay-Z as a person or rock was greater than hip-hop.” Gallagher also said that he hoped to put the feud to rest and some day share a beer with Jay-Z. If he truly wants the transatlantic madness to end, Gallagher should at least spring for some champagne. [NME]

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Hah! Love it. Way to kick dirt.

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Is that suppoed to be good?
1-0 to the Oasis guys!

james k

yeah, Jay give it up man... this is why I've fallin so bored with Hip Hop, a bunch of men acting like a bunch of retarded kids... "acting" cool and trying to beat everything to death, including others music and their own careers. Blueprint 3... wow originality in Hip Hop continues. Jay you shoulda stayed retired after the Black Album...


WTF is wrong with Jay-Z?? He is acting even stupider than I thought. Everyone is free to like what they like, but I have no respect for rap music whatsoever. He blew it out of context. It didn't necessarily mean anything, but is rap technically a giant industry in the UK? I love Oasis for what they are and what they produce, and Noel was right in his every word. Jay-Z is just mad because for once REAL music is coming to MSG, which rap is NOT. At least Noel was a man by saying he hoped the feud would rest. Jay-Z was being immature by making fun of Noel and 'Wonderwall' in his ridiculous rap.

Society is Messed Up

And also he should only feel honoured to even speak to any member of Oasis considering how long they have been around and where they have been.

SocietyisScrewed UP

Clearly all oasis fans commenting on this but I gotta represent 4 hip-hop. Fuk all yall Jay-z is the best!


Who are you to judge what's considered music and what isn't? Bunch of hypocrtics, all of you.


Gallagher said hip/hop music shouldn't be in or at this particular music festival in the UK...Looking at the footage the audience seemed enjoy Jay-Z's performance. I don't think he's being disrespectful or beating anything to death I think he actually paid homage by singing and even knowing the words to an Oasis song. How many Jay-z songs does Gallagher know? Jay-Z is just having fun / entertaining, I thought that is what music was made for, get over it.


i am a Jay-Z fan but i can't get mad at Gallagher for thinking that Jay-Z could be a bad fit for Glas. most hip-hop heads would frown at someone like Coldplay headlining BIRTHDAY BASH in Atlanta. Jay did his thing and the people seemed to enjoy so, i guess Gallaher was wrong in this instance but he had a valid point.
kudos for Jay's line though! lol nice one Jigga man!


you guys are all fags, saying Jay-z should feel honored. Are you serious? Your honestly dumb as f-ck for saying that. I have never even heard of Oasis, sounds like a bunch of fags sucking dick to me. Jay-z= greatest rapper of all time. Oasis should feel honored to be in a song that people actually hear.


That rap song that he did was just awful. I don't know how anybody who is a fan of music could like that. I guess it's 2 - 0 for Oasis...


All the people saying "rap" isn't really music are exposing themselves as f-u-c-k-ing idiots. You could argue that rappers aren't necessarily musicians, but saying that rap itself isn't real music reveals how little you know about both it and music in general.


wow look at all of the illiterate jay-z fans we have commenting, they know very articulate words suck as "dick sucking fags" and "fuk all yall".

wow look !!!

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