Five reasons why Jay-Z might not have designed Cherry Coke’s new can

    (via Spine)
    Last week, Coca-Cola announced that Jay-Z had agreed to help redesign and relaunch the Cherry Coke brand during Fashion Week. According to Rocawear’s CMO, “His role is helping brands not get it wrong the way McDonald’s did with African Americans rapping about French fries.” Actually, if you removed Jay-Z from the equation, it would be that exact same situation all over again.
    Nevertheless, this is why I don”’t believe Jay-Z took part in the design process:
    1) His face (or any other form of self-advertisement) does not appear on the can.
    2) There was no news of a Jim Jones attempt to sabotage the design process (although the can is kinda pink and purplish).
    3) There are no obligatory references to Memphis Bleek
    4) This would be his best business decision/creative output combo since being named president of Def Jam (his own album notwithstanding).
    5) He definitely didn”’t design that on his HP.