Jay-Z Carnegie Hall Concert Tickets Go On Sale

    Despite the fact that he’s not only in mental detox from his Watch the Throne tour, but also fighting against pot dispensaries naming strains of weed after his newborn daughter that, obviously, is being pillaged by the media hoard, Hov’s still keeping keeping in touch with his philanthropic side. Tickets for his benefit concert at Carnegie Hall were posted shortly ago so that you, yes, you, can help give back to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and United Way of New York.

    Tickets range from a basic $150 for a no man’s land seat to $15K for the box, with all profits going toward combating poverty and bringing educational opportunies to low-income students. Plenty of respect towards Jay for that. He could have, you know, bought diamond teeth or something instead. 

    The pair of concerts take place on Feb. 6 and 7, so hit up the Carnegie Hall website to purchase a few. Taking bets now on how many times “N*ggas In Paris” will be performed, because you know Kanye is going to show up.