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Jay-Z, Beyonce, Swizz Beatz Give Surprise Performances at Alicia Keys Show



Jay-Z and Beyonce love to crash New York concerts, as you can remember from last August's Grizzly Bear fiasco. Yesterday, the two surprised thousands of fans by joining Alicia Keys onstage. Beyonce's cameo happened during "Put It in a Love Song," which she contributes to on the album. Swizz Beatz (who is allegedly dating Keys) also showed up, to perform "On To The Next One," a song he did in collaboration with Jay-Z. Jay-Z took the stage for "Empire State of Mind," a perfect song for New York's Madison Square Garden. [Billboard]





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Alicia Keys
Swizz Beatz

Hey- It's Swizz Beatz, not Swiss. He's not from Switzerland.

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Thanks, man. Should be fixed.

(Swiss Beatz's work is so benign. It's like he never takes a stand on anything.)

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Hahahahahahahahahaha. Comment of the Week^^^^^^^^^^^^

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