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Jay-Z and Beyonce wedding

It seems that the rumors are true. The word out is that Jay-Z and Beyonce are getting married today.


Here are the details from The Insider:

-BEYONCÉ's dressing room is set up in gym with a vanity and flowers.
-There are security everywhere inside ... they swept the place.
-Fridge stocked with JAY-Z's favorite champagne.
-There was a platform - maybe for the ceremony.
-Tables were set for about 30, so the event will be intimate.

 Perez Hilton posted the address of the wedding. 


Charles Manson - Killer tracks, dude... Tindersticks Tindersticks unplugged?

this is amer jayz and beyonce will nevr eve get marridand
and jayz is to old for beyonce now.thay can jast be frinds
beyoncy needs to find a new man!!!!!
My email is


You go guys..... I am very proud of you and congrats.....
Marriage is just one step at a time.......

Tracy B... Liberia

amer they are both legal and you should learn how to spell


they get married last friday nyc .


Amer how about you learn how to f--kin spell

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif Michelle

Im Sorry... But I Love Jay-Z. Not Really A Beyonce Fan Though. But Im So So So Happy That They Made Is This Long.
And Now They're Married, Im Just So Proud. But Still.
I Love You Jay-Z Lol.


I looove Beyonce ..and she deserves happiness ...amer..u need hookd on phonics


perfect i love beyonce you are the best..


Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn she can't spell to save her life! lol........


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