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Jay-Z and Alicia Keys Not Writing Soccer World Cup Song

This year seems to be the point where hip-hop stars show an interest in soccer—perhaps it has something to do with the hugely lucrative World Cup this summer? Diddy and Jay-Z have both expressed a desire to pump some money into teams in the English Premier League, although the latter has now confirmed he won’t be getting a song together for this summer’s festivities.


Apparently Jay-Z was planning to team up with Alicia Keys again to perform a soccer-themed follow-up to “Empire State of Mind,” which sounds like one of the worst ideas floated in recent music history. Thankfully, it’s not happening, due to the fact that the duo claims not to know enough about the sport, which makes Jay-Z’s interest in investing in Arsenal even stranger.


"If we did a record about soccer it would be obvious we didn't know much more about the sport than who David Beckham is,” said Keys. While soccer fans across the globe breathe a sigh of relief, there is some news of a soccer/music crossover—namely a huge concert in Johannesburg on June 10, which will feature Keys, John Legend, Shakira and many others.


[via Gigwise]


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Alicia Keys

Possible hook: "World Cup/ green pitch where dreams are made of/ There's nothing you can't do/ These games will make you feel brand-new/ Big lights will inspire you/ Let's hear it for World Cup, World Cup, World Cup."

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