Jay Reatard Attacked By Fans Unfamiliar With Austin’s Hip, Laid-Back Vibe

    Pity poor Jay Reatard. The man was just trying to get his punk rock on, and two overzealous fans decide to take a swing at him. Maybe they felt slighted because Reatard had only been on stage for forty minutes and announced he was playing his final song of the night, but the set length seems pretty standard for a punk show. A more wordly crowd member should have taken the offenders aside and explained that not all acts spend as much time on stage as Journey. Knowing this, both men probably would have joined the rest of the crowd in cheering their rock idol. Or perhaps they had too much drink and were just brave enough to test Reatard’s famous fan punching skills. As both ended up being arrested and charged with public intoxication, maybe it wasn’t the right time for them to have a learning moment. [Pitchfork]