Jason Bateman Says ‘Arrested Development’ Leaks Were Accidental

    Jason Bateman’s Twitter feed has been a source for many updates about the upcoming Arrested Development season. However, he’s been keeping his tweets to himself after leaking too much information about the production.

    Vulture interviewed Bateman while promoting the film Disconnect at the Toronto Film Festival and he spoke about stopping his tweets after getting on creator Mitch Hurwitz’s bad side. “I’ve been accidentally leaking. [Mitch] has been yelling at me because, like, stuff in the background I’m accidentally getting that actually has some relevance and I don’t realize it. So I’ve stopped.”

    The incident in question was on the first day of shooting, when Bateman shared a photo of Workaholics cast members Anders Holm and Adam Devine on the set. Bateman claimed that he only intended to show “first day of lights and camera” in the photo and was not even aware of their fame from the hit Comedy Central series, explaining, “I was talking to those actors and a kid came up asking for their autograph. And I said, ‘Are you guys in a movie or a show or something?’”

    Bateman “didn’t put two and two together” until the tweet was already posted and message boards were flooded with the news. In the rest of the interview, Bateman seemed very conscious of keeping details about the long-awaited return of Arrested Development, noting, “Truthfully we’re only a little bit of the way through. Almost halfway through it. And a lot of us haven’t seen what is to come.”