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Jarvis Cocker to go spoken word route

Jarvis Cocker has always been valued as much for his mind and attitude as for his music. He's been speaking a lot at recent concerts, and recently spend an extended section of a concert talking about the mechanics of songwriting. Lest you think this is an anomaly, the former Pulp frontman recently told BBC News that he will be turning to spoken word more in his future concerts.


Some would find this news frustrating, particularly after releasing his best solo album yet. But as Henry Rollins spoke to in his recent interview with Prefix, being a pure musician can be really limiting if you have a lot to say. With Britpop long gone, this may be a welcome transition for a man that was one of Generation X's biggest icons in Britain. I'm quite excited to see where Cocker goes from here.



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Jarvis Cocker

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