Jarvis Cocker Says He Has “Ideas” For New Pulp Material

    Pulp will be here next week, for a short tour that includes stops at Radio City Music Hall and Coachella. These shows will be nostalgic events, offering fans a chance to recall the Britpop era once again. In other words: don’t expect any new material from the band. 

    But frontman Jarvis Cocker clearly is thinking about a possible future for the group, hinting in an interview with Shortlist that there may be a follow-up to 2001’s We Love Life somewhere further down the road. “It took us long enough to relearn the old songs, so we’ll have to see about that,” he said. “But I’ve got ideas.”

    “I keep my little notebook, I’ve always got that with me,” Cocker continued, as he fished out a small notepad titled ‘Stuff + Nonsense’ from his jacket. “Hopefully there’s more stuff than nonsense in there.” A new Pulp album wouldn’t be unwelcome—after a few lukewarm solo releases and the erratic Relaxed Muscle album, it feels like Jarvis would do well to play to his strengths again.