Jarvis Cocker Reveals Details of Further Complications

    That Steve Albini-produced Jarvis Cocker album you’ve been hearing rumblings about is soon to see the light of day. Rough Trade is set to release Further Complications on May 19, finally giving fans a long-awaited follow-up to the former Pulp mastermind’s 2006 solo debut, Jarvis. But what of the rumors that holing up in Chicago with the man who has overseen Nirvana and The Stooges indicates Cocker getting his rock on? Cocker states, in a third-person statement that “during the course of touring his last record, he discovered that, with this band, he could rock and so he’d be a fool not to.”


    But don’t worry, even a cursory preview of Further Complications reveals that Cocker hasn’t gone garage rock or anything — it’s more David Bowie than Dirtbombs. Cocker says he simply wanted to “capture something of the spirit of a band working all together, all aiming in the same direction.” And songwise, in his words, we can expect everything from “an attempt to understand the pain of a man whose Honda Goldwing has run out of petrol” to “an absolute racket featuring saxophone from Steve Mackay (he played on The Stooges ‘Funhouse‘).”


    Track listing:

    Further Complications




    I Never Said I Was Deep


    Hold Still


    Caucasian Blues


    You’re In My Eyes (Discosong)