Jarvis Cocker makes Running The World available online

    Former Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker has made his first solo material available online for free, by posting Running The World on his MySpace page. While Cocker released music under the name of Relaxed Muscle back in 2002, this marks the first time that hes released music under his own name.


    Cocker claims that the song was written the night of Live 8, and with a refrain like cunts are still running the world its fairly evident where he stands on the issues. Still, Cocker had the following to say about the song:


    "I apologise for all the swearing but sometimes that’s the only thing that seems appropriate. It’s in no way a criticism of (Live 8 organiser, Bob) Geldof and co but I remember thinking at the time: ‘Where does engaging with these politicians/businessmen really get you?’ – 12 months on and the cunts still haven’t paid up as far as I can make out – maybe the problem is something more fundamental. Anyway, what do I know? I’m just a pampered rock star – but at least I think it’s good to discuss this stuff. Don’t you?"


    We couldnt agree more about the need for discussion Jarvis. Also, bonus points for admitting that you are, in fact, a pampered rock star, and maybe you dont have all the answers to solve the worlds problems.