Jarvis Cocker Hates the Killers, Loves T.I.

    Jarvis Cocker is guest editing the Guardian’s music website this week, and his current album, Further Complications, is still streaming on their website. Today, he sat down with his adopted son, Otto, and his child with former partner Camille Bidault-Waddington, Arthur, to review a batch of singles.

    Eminem’s video for “We Made You” has Jarvis leaping into action to protect his kids from the huge bouncing boobs spilling out onto the screen, although he deems the song “pretty good.” He doesn’t have much time for Lily Allen or the Killers, calling the latter “so bad it actually made me feel sorry for them for a minute.” I’m sure Brandon Flowers appreciates the sympathy.

    Surprisingly, Jarvis outs himself as a T.I. fan, saying his “Whatever You Like” is “destined to be repeated ad infinitum any time someone is getting a round of drinks in.” His boys even started jumping around the room to the track, and then unearthed this version of “Whatever You Like” from YouTube, which may be among the most annoying recordings in music history. 


    [via The Guardian]