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Janet Jackson Writing Tell-All Book

The Jackson family's shameless rush to make as much paper as possible behind the tragedy of Michael's death continues apace with the announcement that Janet is working on a tell-all book. To soften the appearance that Janet is using her brother's death for money and recognition, the book's announcement comes with the disclaimer that a lot it will have to do with Janet's battle with self-esteem, weight issues, her breakup with Jermaine Dupri and the infamous Nipplegate. But of course, there will be some chapters about Michael's death as well.


Coupled with the announced Jackson brothers reality show, it's a good time to be a Jackson. I imagine American Idol's Randy Jackson, athlete Bo Jackson and deceased U.S. president Andrew Jackson are making mad money too. [Woo-Ha]

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Janet Jackson

not true! this book was in development before michaels death. Look it up!!


This is simply NOT TRUE! The book is finished last year and there's NO WORD about Michael (according to Janet's PR)

Make some research first!


True, Janet had been writing her book since well before Michael's passing. She is a star in her own right and has never needed MONEY. If she HAS decided to go back and edit her memoirs to include her feelings about her brother's death, she has every right to do so, he was a part of her ACTUAL life. So Mr Winstorfer, it appears that YOU are fabricating a story based on your dislike of the Jacksons. The Jackson Family had begun production on a reality show before Michaels passing. So why do you choose to be so harsh on the Jacksons? You are making a choice to facilitate the belief that the Jacksons are trying to cash in on their family members death in an effort to bring them negative press. Why would you want to do something like that? Are You sir that desperate for subcribers?


Desperate for subscribers? OK, yes, she was working on the book prior to Michael's death, but she already admitted that Michael's passing will play a big part. NO ONE is going to buy it for her "weight issues"--everyone who does actually buy it will be for the Michael portion.

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janet needin money? ha! plz.. n her n jd neva broke up the bok has been in works way befo mj's death so do some reaserch befo postn somethn sweetie if u need readers post somethn tht wont upset them smart 1


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