Janelle Monae Shares The Grammy Stage With Bruno Mars And B.o.B

    As much as it pains me to admit it, it made a bit of sense for Janelle Monae to be lumped in with B.o.B and Bruno Mars at last night’s Grammy show. They are all “new” acts and they have all worked together on some level as I’m sure Mars was hanging out in the studio when Monae provided vocals for Bobby Ray’s “The Kids.” That being stated, though, she absolutely should have had more time for herself during their live medley, even if she did manage to kill it with “Cold War.” Also, it was kind of hilarious that they introduced Mars after he sang the hook during B.o.B’s performance of “Nothin’ On You.” I mean, isn’t the chorus the reason that song got as big as it did anyway?


    [The Audio Perv]