Jamie Foxx Dominates Jimmy Fallon’s Music Genre Challenge

    With a Broadway Version of Baha Men & Opera Rendition of Rihanna

    Last night Jamie Foxx appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in support for his new FOX game show, Beat Shazam. The game show based off the essential song-identification app pits teams against each other as they race to identify hit songs. The team that comes out on top has to face off against the app itself. Host of the show is none other than Jamie Foxx, who will surely do his best to make the new show somewhat watchable like he did last night with the Tonight Show.

    As always with his guests, Fallon challenged Foxx to a light-hearted competition. For Foxx, Fallon presented a new game called “Musical Genre Challenge.” Needless to say, Jamie Foxx conquered the day. Watch it all here:

    Foxx did a rousing Broadway rendition of Baha Men’s 2000 classic “Who Let the Dogs Out” from a currently-unwritten show that, if starring Foxx, I’d gladly pay to see. When Jimmy got paired to do “Bad and Boujee” as a 1960’s rock song, Foxx couldn’t contain himself and joined in on the fun. And incredibly, topping off what quickly became his own personal talent show, Foxx did an opera version of Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

    During the interview portion of the show, Foxx recalled a time when he supposedly roasted Mike Tyson to his tattooed face and did his best hard-selling the audience on Beat Shazam. “This is crazy, man,” Foxx spoke about the new show. “We’ve been trying to get this on for like two and a half, three years.” Beat Shazam which will air Thursday nights on Fox.

    In a statement from January in which the show was announced, reality TV legend and the show’s executive producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice) explained why Foxx is the perfect fit for the show. “Jamie is a quadruple-threat and creative genius. He is an incredible actor, comedian, singer, and dancer. Also, his musical knowledge is so great that he could probably…BEAT SHAZAM.”

    So with a new show and a starring role in Baby Driver, Edgar Wright’s latest film coming out next month, there will be no shortage of Jamie Foxx on our screens. Rest assured, this is definitely a good thing.