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James Owen Sullivan, Drummer For Avenged Sevenfold, Dies At 28

James Owen Sullivan, drummer and backing vocalist for California metalcore superstars, Avenged Sevenfold, has passed away. Sullivan, affectionately known to fans and friends as "The Rev," was found dead in his Huntington home on Monday. He was 28 years old. Local police are reporting that Sullivan died of natural causes, but coroners have yet to find the official cause of death. Avenged Sevenfold released a statement this morning, remembering Sullivan as "one of the world's best drummers" and asking for privacy in their time of suffering. The band had been working on their as yet untitled fifth album. Sullivan's passing caps off a shockingly grisly year for the music business. 2009 has seen the passing of Michael Jackson, Les Paul, Jerry Fuchs of Maserati, and Vic Chesnutt, just to name a few. Hopefully 2010 runs smoothly. [CBS News]

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Avenged Sevenfold

this truly is sad news.....james rocked. hope everyone remembers him as one of the best drummers. A7X !<333


im so sad 2 hear that,
4 me the rev is the best drummer ever after.... ;(



You will be missed.
One of the most amazing drummers to date


"Natural Causes"
Well, he was pushing 29. He had a good long....
....Wait. Never mind.


omfg not cool);


and good bye you failure.


Rest In Peace James, we all miss you


2009 is a terrible year to be a celebrity... R.I.P James!
We'll miss you


only 4 more to go!

asshole from the internet

such a terribly sad news :'(((
I was shocked when I heard this news . hope you'll happy there :'(((


james was the best drummer the world has ever seen and he deserves respect. all you a7x haters can die cause he definitly didnt deserve to.

shawn corcoran

I agree with Master. Good riddance. Stop making music.


thats pretty sick for those of u who make fun of this horrible tragedy.


dude, wth.
rip, you won't be forgotttten <3


I can't believe it...
Godbless the rev, you will be missed...

iman sevenfoldism indonesia

why couldnt miley cyrus or jo bros die then him i mean seriously


It was very sad news to hear one of the best drummers had past away. I feel great sorrow for his friends and family. R.I.P The REV All the memories will live own.


James u are best drummer in the band and we will miss u for ever james decmber 28th 2009 the day he die on monday it sad rip we will be with u


One of the most inspiring musicians of our decade. His heart, his drumsticks brought a calming yet frantic feeling to those who witnessed his performance. The Rev just replaced Jerry Fuchs in Vic's band in Heaven,


R.I.P mate. one of the best bands and best drummers. :( A7X all the way.

Ricky Cee

well MasterDik, your the failure. what gives you the right to call James Owen Sullivan, also known as The Reverand, a failure?

RIP James Owen Will Be Missed


RIP, you were a true inspiration...... and won't be forgoten........
if you have nothing nice to say...go to hell masterdik ( refer to top)^

drummer boy

u fu***ckers have no morals man no respect for the dead he was someones son

amy gafa

You will be missed, you inspired lots of people, And for those using this as a chance to mock and make jokes, I hope you never know how it feels to lose someone close to you, cause he had family, and fans and its a sad world we live in when people cant find enough morality within themselves to keep their opinion out of it.


james was too cool to die :(


i'm be sad.

good bye the rev

we from indonesia just told. . .
youre thebest 4ever.


I just can't believe a legend,role modle,and amazing person could die like this,so young,but other old rapists and murderers can live until they're 50,and please,even of you weren't a fan of avenged,don't be hateful to all of us grieving heart goes out to you a7x.


... I listen to some Avenged Sevenfold... but that's my boyfriends favorite band.. now I have to break the news to him next time I see him... It's going to break his heart, which will break mine... RIP James Owen Sullivan

Lukey Boy's Girlfriend

I didn't know James nor Sevenfold, but I knew his father from working in a church a few years ago. He comes from a great loving and religious family. His dad exemplifies what it means to be a true Christian (boy scout dad, raised money for causes, volunteered his time to church). RIP James.


thats fcking rude you dont wish people death because you don't like their music. dont fcking listen to it if you have a problem.


Wow, i cant believe he passed away.. this is so sad.
I love avenged sevenfolds amazing music, and the drummer is so fantastic.. i cant believe he passed =/



loved Ax7!!! or safe to say i'm obsess with them... its so sad he passed but for sure, he will be remembered... he was one of the best drummer and i love "a little piece of heaven" he wrote it!!!! yeah!!! and please, pipz, if ya got nothin gud to say... just shut the f up!!! and i cant wait for their 5th album... his last work as Ax7... RIP the Rev!!!!!


D'ya know what.....The Rev was the best! as is A7X.....Myself & my son Ash are both massively gutted!!! It's a total waste of young life regardless of anything else - if u cant say something nice - fcuk off back under your rocks u slime bags..... RIP Jimmy, the world wont be the same without you in it!!!!


truely an inspiring drummer the tracks he played were off the chart!Theres no other drummer that could play the masterpieces that A7X made together. "A Little Piece Of Heaven" " Afterlife" "Almost Easy" The Rev had written masterpieces from Avenged Sevenfold! god bless The Rev and good luck to the rest of A7X. R.I.P The Rev


he was my favorite drummer in my favorite band
u will be missed and remembered

1 badass A7X fan

i sad to hear that...
coz the rev is the best drummer in this world...

we all can't believe that he passed....


A little peice of heaven is an amazing song! Just read an article while watching seize the day no youtube. this is depressing. especially since i am a new fan


I'm sorry to hear this :( Mourning with family and friends.

13 As a father has compassion on his children,
so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him;

14 for he knows how we are formed,
he remembers that we are dust.

15 As for man, his days are like grass,
he flourishes like a flower of the field;

16 the wind blows over it and it is gone,
and its place remembers it no more.

17 But from everlasting to everlasting
the LORD's love is with those who fear him,
and his righteousness with their children's children.

And as for those insulting this guy, you need to look at yourself in the mirror, and realise that one day you will be dead to and that you sew what you reap. This isn't just a toy for your entertainment, something to play around with, this is a person, with family and friends who cared about him. When somebody close to you dies, I hope nobody makes sick comments to you.


you will be missed one of best drummers died holy crap it seems like just 2years ago i saw them in concert well he will be missed R.I.P man may your journey the the pits be safe a men

adam lanoue

You will be missed.
A7x will never be the same.


A7X will never be the same.
You'll be missed rev.


R.I.P Rev
We love you and will never forget you

Brianna Givens

R.I.P Jimmy, the rev sulivan.
im terribly sorry for avenge!


A7X was my fav band and I would listen to them 24/7. The best part about them imo was listening to the outrageous drumming by James. I loved listening to his drumming and respected such talent. R.I.P james, A7X will never be the same and you will NEVER be forgotten.


omfg this is terrile rip james!!!!!!!!!!!!


i cant still beliv it
we ll be missin you alot
go on
hold on a7x
ur the best RIP "ReV" gudbye


fml. :(


RIP the Rev, you will be missed :(

milky the store next door that stole your cookies.

rest in peace m8


good bye james

we will miss u


damn so sad, .....:(... RIP brother... ur the best ever.
4 those mocking through this... goto hell... u ppl dont deserve a life.


I was going through a very hard time when i was introduced to this band.....if it wasnt for them i wouldnt be here right now. Those of you who are saying stupid **** dont be **** just because you dont like them. I live in placement and i was introduced to them when i was really depressed. I was 16. have some respect or the next time i hear something like that you will be next!!! >:(


screw off haters. He was an awesome drummer. He didn't deserve to die. I hope they continue to make music but i think they should make a tribute album. R.I.P. The Rev.

A7x McNamee

OMG! i cryed when i found out he was doing a report on her 4 my speech class in high school....A7X will never ever be the same w/o Jimmy.... and all u pplz hoo r bein a**h***s bout it f*** off....if u tryd listing to the band and understanding what thier songs mean u wdnt be hating! and if u dont like them y post?? its stupid...i htink the rest of the band is going thru a hard enuff time without ur negitive oppinions!! so shut up and leave things alone....if u dont like them dont post....and i dont think and i know Jimmy was NOT doing drugs....I LOVE U!! R.I.P!! AND I LOVE THE REST OF A7X TO! I HOPE U GUYS GET THRU THIS....=] HUGS!

Brandi Nichole

R.I.P. from the ppl of Coloma MI,
youll live on rev

Elex Dubar

the rev was awesome...he will never be forgotten,thats why i picked him for my school report,R.I.P. James Owen Sullivan(The Rev)

candice courtney

A7x is my favorite band and im also obsessed with them i listen to them 24/7.Jimmy was my idle and i love him and he will be in my heart foREVer.When i heard the news i was so sad! I cant wait to see him in the Afterlife! he is the best drummer in the world and a7x is the best band.R.I.P. James "The Rev" Sullivan.=(

A7X #1 Fan

A common misconception of Jimmy's death that it was an overdose of recreational drugs. THIS IS UNTRUE. JIMMY WASN'T AN ADDICT. He made the mistake of mixing his prescription drugs for anxiety and painkillers together, and taking them with alcohol. Doctors often make the mistake of not telling their patients the harmful side affects of taking some drugs together, and this was a horribly common error. I wouldn't be surprised if Jimmy took his medication at one time, then hours later ingested alcohol, not knowing the drugs were still in his system.

Jimmy, you are always and foREVer in my heart. I loved you, and no one can ever replace you. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten.




I love you, we miss you Jimmy... A7X FoREVer


The rev was my idol! i cried when i saw this. The Rev Army forever!!!!


a7x is the best

yandi sullivan

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