James Murphy Took Steroids to Finish ‘This Is Happening’

    Apparently, baseball players aren’t the only ones looking to enhance their performance. Everyone’s favorite middle-aged rockstar, James Murphy, has admitted to NME that he “juiced” to finish his latest record. Somewhere, Jose Canseco shakes his head in disgust.


    According to the interview, Murphy lost his voice while recording “On Repeat,” the last song that he finished for This Is Happening. In need of hitting a couple high notes with a voice that was shot, Murphy turned to PED’s. As he states, “I had to sing it with a voice that was completely blown out, but then I took lots of steroids! So I juiced for this record! It’s cheating, I’m cheating! I cheated to sing this song!”


    Read the article and watch the full interview on NME.