James Murphy Says LCD Soundsystem Might Make Another Album

    The amount of bands who promise that their current album is their last, only to renege on the deal and bash out umpteen more records, then split up and reform and do it all again, are legion. But it seemed like LCD Soundsystem’s This Is Happening might really be their last when James Murphy said as much to every interviewer that crossed his path earlier this year. Now, like so many musicians before him, it looks like he’s backpedaling on the deal.


    “We’ll still make some music but playing together is such a Herculean thing because everyone lives in different parts of the world and has lives,” he said in an interview on the Quietus. “But we’ll still be making LCD Soundsystem music and stuff; we just need to go back and have it be a part of our lives rather than our whole lives.”


    “We’ll do some 12-inch records and things like that,” he said, offering the first glimpse of light for song hungry LCD fans. “It should be the last one,” he continued. “Yeah, I’ll still do music. We might even make an album. I’m just getting off of the professional album making train. I’m not counting anything out other than touring professionally.” So, there you have it. The likelihood of a new LCD Soundsystem album went from a “never” to a “maybe.”


    [via The Quietus]