James Murphy produces album for new DFA band

    The new DFA signee tentatively called Hockey Night is getting help from some of the label’s bigger acts on its debut record. The band, which promises that it will change its name shortly, is made up of Paul Sprangers and Scott Wells. LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy will produce and mix the record, and some of the tracks feature Murphy and his fellow LCD Soundsystem member Pat Mahoney, on bass and drums, respectively. Also helping out are Gerry Fuchs and unnamed members of Hercules and Love Affair. According to label head Jonathan Galkin, Murphy and Mahoney aren’t proper members of the yet-to-be-officially-named band and will not be touring with them. Sprangers and Wells are in the process of forming a touring band.


    Editor’s note: Our initial post about this news was based on an article published at NME.com and contained errors. We have since corrected the post to reflect accurate information supplied by DFA Records.