James Murphy Opening Store And Recording New Music

    You have to hand it to James Murphy; the guy just does not stop. But luckily for us The Grey Lady seems to have a team of reporters permantently assigned to the James Murphy beat. The former LCD Soundsystem frontman has popped up in the New York Times once again in a profile peice that contains dozens of intrigiing hints as to what he may be up to next.

    First off, LCD Soundsystem may not be as defunct as previously thought. According to Murphy the band may reunite to record music for an upcoming film — though always enigmatic, the dance-punk auteur declined to reveal much more about the project.

    Though don’t despair just yet, there are other things to look forward to. Murphy will be opening a new store in Brooklyn to sell coffee and a line of self-designed luggage. Though if you’re not in the market for a Murphy-designed suitcase, you can still get your LCD fix on July 18 when the band’s concert film “Shut Up and Play the Hits” opens in select theaters.