James Murphy Making Music With Tennis Stats

    James Murphy is continuing his strange post-LCD Soundsystem career by partnering with IBM and the US Open to make over 400 hours of music using tennis stats.

    The project relies on an algorithm created by IBM which takes live tennis stats from US Open matches and translates them into sound data that you can then listen to, and each match has its own sound that’s entirely unique. Murphy is providing the musical impetus for the project, and as strange as it sounds, it seems like exactly the kind of project that has attracted the artist of late.

    It’s all rather complicated — and frankly confounding — but luckily there’s a trailer to explain it:

    Well that doesn’t really help, but luckily you can hear the results now over at the US Open Sessions page

    Since the prolific musician and DFA Records-founder ended his much beloved dance-rock outfit LCD Soundsystem in 2011 after the release of their third record, This is Happening, and the subsequent tour, he’s done everything from create a signature coffeemake a short film with the help of Ron Howard and Canon, and pitch an idea to make the NYC subway system more musical. This is just the latest left-field idea in a career that’s getting progressively weirder.