James Murphy Doesn’t Feel ‘Nostalgic’ For LCD Soundsystem

    While many of his fans are going through something of LCD Soundsystem withdrawal, frontman James Murphy doesn’t feel “nostalgic” for his old band even with the smash success of their final show and resulting documentary, Shut Up And Play The Hits (which hits stores today). Speaking to NME, Murphy admits that he still sees his previous bandmates and that he’s “still in the normal zone of post-tour, pre-record.”

    “It’s pretty arbitrary,” Murphy continues. “I made records in the studio and then wrote LCD Soundsystem [on them], and they’re LCD Soundsystem. I can go and make records and just not write LCD Soundsystem – it’s still me making a record, it just means it’s the end of that career band which becomes a bit of a self-moving train.”

    He does concede that the band could reunite for a possible film soundtrack, but this is nothing more than a hint; no director or film was named. Meanwhile, Murphy/Soundsystem fans will have to console themselves with the fact that he’s working with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, writing a novel, possibly launching his own coffee, and generally doing everything except working with LCD Soundsystem.