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James Mercer discusses "Wincing The Night Away"

Via: Drowned in Sound
The folks over at Drowned in Sound caught up with Shins frontman James Mercer to discuss the band's upcoming release, Wincing The Night Away. There's a couple of interesting tidbits in the piece, including Mercer's thoughts on the album leaking onto the net so early:
"I'''m not really sure what damage it'''ll do. For a band like us I think it could be a good thing and help us. I'''m not really sure what the repercussions will be. One thing I will say is that the sound quality on these leaked tracks isn'''t very good."
Mercer also spoke about the pressure he felt following the exposyre the band gained from Garden State:
"One of the reasons in my mind why I wanted this record to be so good was the first record started selling so well after the success of Garden State. So I feel like I want it to outshine [the older records] and do something more powerful and different, and turn heads away a little bit from that."
These are supposedly just a sampling from a larger interview that DiS plans on running tomorrow. If anything noteworthy comes out of that, we'll let you know.
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