James Franco’s Latest Non-Acting Project: He’s In A Band! (Video)

    Oh James Franco, you tease. Between your stints as an academic, author, performance artist, and now musician, we’re beginning to think maybe you have some commitment issues.

    Today Rolling Stone premiered Franco’s latest creative non-acting project/probable performance art piece: “guy in a band.” The band is called Daddy and pairs Franco with musician pal Tim O’Keefe. The duo just finished their debut EP, MotorCity, which, according to the actor, was driven by an obsessive interest in Motown music during filming of Oz: The Great and Powerful in Detroit.

    As the first single from MotorCity, “Love in the Old Days” mashes together a few oddities. Motown, sure. But also a little California sunshine pop and Franco’s spoken word (with lyrics imaginging his parents’ “love affair” in the 60s).

    Franco described the process of recording the record as “looking at different genres of music, different periods of time, really studying it, and then creating work influenced and inspired by that.” Really, James? You’re studying something and then ‘creating work influenced by that’? Kind of like memorizing a script and creating a character?

    Check out the video for “Love in the Old Days” below. MotorCity drops Sept. 25 (and will, apparently, feature guest vocals from Smokey Robinson).