James Franco Denies Lindsay Lohan Movie Rumors

    James Franco has shot down the rumor that he is making a film about Lindsay Lohan.

    Back in August, a casting call for “James Franco types” and “Lindsay Lohan types” of different ages for a film that focused on “two Hollywood celebrities.” The casting notice fueled rumors that Franco was planning to make a movie about himself and Lohan.

    While promoting his new film Spring Breakers at the Toronto Film Festival, Franco denied that he and Lohan would be the focus of the new film. According to E!, Franco said, “That’s something I really didn’t publicize. We just put out a casting call for a Lindsay Lohan and James Franco type. People just saw the casting call and picked that up and made up a lot of stories about it.”

    However, Franco was still secretive over giving any details about the film, claiming the project is “under the radar for now.”