James Brown’s Publicist Claims The Soul Legend Was Murdered

    It’s been nearly five years since James Brown died of what was ruled a heart attack. But his publicist, Jacque Hollander, is now claiming that the soul legend was murdered. According to Spinner, Hollander has placed herself in hiding because she’s received death threats once it became public that she hired a detective to investigate Brown’s death in December 2006.

    In an interview with Globe Magazine, Hollander made her feelings clear. “James Brown did not die of a heart attack,” she said while adding, “Now I am living in fear of my life because I’m the one who can bring forth the truth.”

    Hollander went on to say that she believes his son-in-law, Darren Lumar, was murdered for knowing the real way Brown died. Lumar was killed in November 2008 following a TV appearance, during which he said he firmly believed his father-in-law didn’t die from congestive heart failure.