James Blake Reveals ‘Enough Thunder’ Track Listing

    After announcing Enough Thunder at the end of August, James Blake keeps the promotional train going with the leak of the EP’s track listing. It’s a six-track affair featuring a Joni Mitchell cover, a Bon Iver collaboration, and two songs we’ve heard live or streaming online. So, yeah, that leaves two completely new tracks for us to hear once the EP gets here next month. Judging by song names alone, I’m most looking forward to hearing “We Might Feel Unsound.”

    You can view the track listing and watch live footage of “Once We All Agree” below. Enough Thunder drops Oct. 4.

    01 Once We All Agree

    02 We Might Feel Unsound

    03 Fall Creek Boys Choir [ft. Bon Iver]

    04 A Case of You (Joni Mitchell cover)

    05 Not Long Now

    06 Enough Thunder