Jam Legend to offer guitar sim video game action free on the web

    The D.C. web incubator Launch Box Digital (which funds small Internet start-ups in an exchange for a piece of future profits, has financed Jam Legend, an online music sim game that uses the computer keyboard to mimic the famous guitar controls of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The game offers to styles of play: the “chill” version where the gamer remains seated and uses the number keys for notes and the Enter to strum, and the “Jam Style,” which allows gamers to pick up the keyboard and rock out with F1-F5. The game also supports guitar game controllers plugged into the computer. The only real drawback (other than being caught shredding with a keyboard) is the lack of a full music catalog, but developers are optimistic about adding to the twenty available songs in the near future. Jam Legend is currently beta testing, but users who become fans on Facebook can be selected as testers. No information is available at this time about when the game will be public. [Tech Crunch]