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Jaga Jazzist's Lars Horntveth gets conceptual on second solo

Lars Horntveth, leader of Norwegian post-rock vets Jaga Jazzist, is following up his solo debut, Pooka, with Kaleidoscopic, a release that proves dogma theory's not just for movies anymore. The album consists of one long piece, which Horntveth set out to create in the same manner in which it would be consumed: as a continuous, chronological event. Instead of creating a batch of individual songs, Horntveth composed the 37-minute "Kaleidoscopic" from start to finish in one go, like one long diary entry. The epic piece includes the talents of the 41-strong Latvian National Orcestra, conducted by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic's Norwegian leader, Terje Mikkelsen. Horntveth says that the album, which is set for release on Smalltown Supersound on January 27, reflects the influence of such disparate artists as Robert Wyatt, Stereolab, Bernard Herrmann, and Dave Brubeck. So start looking at your schedule now to block out some continuous Kaleidoscopic listening time; who said the album was dead in the digital age?
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Jaga Jazzist
Lars Horntveth

I can't wait to find it and listen to it!!!

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Jaga Jazzist is an amazind band and, in my opinion, one of the most underrated band of the last 10 years.

I recently listened to their suite "Day & Another Day" and I review it here, if you want to have a look:

I like their way to compose and the idea of searching and experimenting they have. Great band and great music, definitely :-)

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