Jadakiss Will Drop ‘Champ Is Here 4’ When Pacquiao & Mayweather Fight

    Along with wondering when his group, the Lox, would return, Jadakiss fans have been asking dude when he’ll drop his new mixtape, Champ Is Here 4. Well, he’s responded to that query in an interview with XXL during which he makes it clear how and when we’ll hear the project:

    “We gonna do [Champ is Here] 4 whenever [Manny] Pacquiao and Floyd [Mayweather] sign off,” Jada declared. “Right now it’s a bunch of hoopla over the fight, but whenever they go in for the press conference and sign off for the fight, that’s when we gonna go in. I’ll contact Green Lantern and we’ll get in motion. Of course, I’ll have a foundation to start it, but once they agree, then we’ll go in with the Champ is Here Part 4 campaign.”

    You hear that Manny and Floyd? Get into the ring so we can all have another strong Jadakiss project to bump. And in case you think I’m overselling this, did you hear The Champ Is Here 3? Good shit.