Jack White’s Lazaretto Ultra LP Has Some Awesome Features

    On June 10, Jack White will be releasing his second solo album, Lazaretto, and vinyl fans will be getting extra surprises if they buy the Lazaretto 12′ Ultra LP

    The LP will feature two hidden tracks underneath the centre labels, one of which will play at 45 RPM the other at 78 RPM. Side 1 of the album will also need to be played from the centre outwards, as opposed to most vinyls that rotate inwards. On Side 2 of the record, the first track has the option of being played as an acoustic or regular version and perhaps the coolest thing is that the dead wax area around the centre sticker of Side 1 contains an angel hologram, hand-etched by Tristan Duke. 

    The record will be sold for $20.00, and you can watch Jack White and Ben Blackwell from Third Man Records explain all of its features below. Also check out the music video for a song off the upcoming album, “High Ball Stepper.”