Jack White Vs. Guiness World Records Over Shortest Concert Ever

    Fresh off the heels of his solo record Blunderbuss, and the man bizarre promotional stunts it produced, the always surprising Jack White has decided to take issue with an organization known for bizarre stunts: The Guiness Book of World Records.

    In a conversation with Interview magazine, White recalled a “secret” White Stripes show in Newfoundland, Canada in 2007 in which the duo played just one note, a note which White claimed was the Shortest Concert of All-Time.

    When White called the Guinness folks to include it in their publication, the band was denied. When the interviewer asked White why, he had this to say:

    “The thing is, though, that the Guinness book is a very elitist organisation. There’s nothing scientific about what they do. They just have an office full of people who decide what a record is and what isn’t. Most of the records in there – who has the biggest collection of salt-and-pepper shakers or whatever – are just whatever they want them to be.”

    White added, “So with something like the shortest concert of all time, they didn’t think whatever we did was interesting enough to make it a record. I don’t know why they get to decide that, but, you know, they own the book.”

    Did Guinness snub The White Stripes over elitism, or is Jack White bitter over nothing?