Jack White Talks Kanye West, Jay Z, Daft Punk, And Why Crowds Suck

    Jack White’s second solo album, Lazaretto, is due out on June 10, and in lead up to the release he is featured on the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone, where he gives an in depth interview. 

    In the article, White talks about how Kanye West asked him to collaborate on Yeezus, but nothing ever came of it, and that he did several songs with Jay Z, but they are unfinished and White isn’t sure if Jay liked them. White also calls Daft Punk “amazing,” and said seeing Kanye West perform during his recent arena tour “might have been the greatest show [he’s] seen in [his] life.” He went on to say that “it was more punk, more in-your-face than anything I’ve seen.”

    Continuing on the topic of concerts, White complained that “people can’t clap anymore, because they’ve got a fucking texting thing in their fucking hand, and probably a drink, too!”