Jack White: ‘No Romance’ In iPods

    Jack White has long done things the old-fashioned way, committing himself to analog musical equipment and some pretty antiquated, traveling-salesman-type PR moves. In a recent interview with the BBC, White talks about the reason why he chooses the old over the new. Speaking about the vinyl plant at his Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville, “the whole experience of vinyl is what we’re after, the romance of it…there’s no romance for me to sing to you about an iPod. Why? Because nothing’s moving.”

    White then goes on to explain his apprehension towards “digital and invisible things,” stating “they make you feel like some other being is in charge of this somewhere else, ‘I’m just a witness to this and I’ll just sit here politely.'” And if there’s one thing he’s never been musically, it’s polite. [NME]