Jack White Announces World Record Attempt Two Days After Rant

    One of the strangest feuds in recent memory may be coming full circle, as Jack White, just two days after claiming The White Stripes were ignored by the Guinness Book of World Records and one day after Guinness responded with a challenge, has posted a snarky blog post on ThirdManRecords.com, announcing that White will, on his “Blunderbuss” Tour, attempt to set a record for “Most Metaphors in a Single Concert.”

    According to the post, “The attempt may prove very exhausting and at times even dangerous, but the results could prove to be glorious and possibly even vainglorious. We are certain that the extremely scientific and intricate analysis of the metaphors that occur will be examined in accordance with Guinness’ usually very thorough methods probably, or at the very least if somebody answers the phone at the pub.”

    Sarcasm is prevalent in some of the statement, particularly in lines like, “Third Man Records encourages all attendees of said concerts to please not interfere or interject with any metaphors that they witness occur during the show as to not disqualify or worse yet, trivialize the metaphor in question.”

    The use of “trivialize” is clearly a call-back to Guinness’s statement, which said that records like White’s purported “Shortest Concert” trivialized record-setting activities.

    At this point, the ball is in Guinness’s court as to whether they decide to allow this record attempt to stand, as it may prove hard to quantify.