Jack White and Jimmy Page Hating On Guitar Hero, Think Button Mashing Is Somehow Inferior To Real Music

    Guitar icons Jimmy Page and Jack White are distressed that Guitar Hero has become such a vital conduit for youngsters to discover music. White said that it was “depressing” to be informed by a label that a video game is the way to get music in front of listeners, and also added that it’s a “little sad” that kids need the button mashing stimulus to absorb new tunes. White was joined in his game diss by rock dinosaur Jimmy Page, who expressed doubts that any video gamer could perform an action even close to John Bonham’s  drum work on “Good Times, Bad Times,” much less on Christmas Morning. While some artists have fully embraced the music sim revolution, it’s nice to see a couple of holdouts. Both White and Page no doubt realize that video games were really meant for plumbing, street fighting, and go-kart racing, all of which are much, much cooler than pretending to play a guitar, right? [NME]