Jack McBrayer Talks ‘Wreck-It Ralph,’ The End Of ’30 Rock,’ And His Southern Accent

    Jack McBrayer is known for playing the chipper NBC page Kenneth on 30 Rock. In the new animated film Wreck-It Ralph, McBrayer lends his voice to a video game character whose perpetual optimism draws comparison to his TV persona. As it turns out, real-life McBrayer has a similar quirkiness. Even in print, you can’t help but smile from ear to ear at what he has to say.

    McBrayer talked to Vulture about a variety of topics, from his new movie to 30 Rock‘s final sesaon, and it’s entertaining from start to finish.

    McBrayer compares himself to his animated alter ego, Felix, who cleans up after the title character’s wreckage. While Ralph tires of doing the same thing all the time, “Felix was perfectly content, because he was appreciated. And I’m more like Felix. I’ve been wearing the same Page uniform and I’ve been okay so far.”

    When asked about the end of 30 Rock, McBrayer talks job security, saying he’s ready to save cash until his next big role comes along, joking, “So I’m no longer eating.”

    The actor also talks about  his famous Southern accent: “I never would have guessed that I would get a job for the way I sound. I would get notes about how I should lose my accent… So I’m happy and grateful when I get jobs that require me to talk Southern.”

    The rest of the interview, featuring tidbits about working with Bryan Cranston and McBrayer’s ideas for a new Pac-Man game, is worth a read.