Jack Bruce Says Cream Are Done

    In case you were still sitting around and wondering, or are 65 and have a subscription to Rolling Stone, Jack Bruce has told BBC that Cream, the legendary “supergroup” he played in with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, are done. For real this time. The group reunited in 2005, and played a bunch of shows in England and New York, before old arguments prevented the group from doing anything new. 


    What “old arguments” means is anyone’s guess, because Bruce kind of sounds like your grandma discussing a fight with her sister:


    “There was one argument where I mis-remembered the phrasing of one of the songs. Ginger [Baker, drummer] said ‘You’ve got that wrong’, and I said ‘No I haven’t.’ He did say that his conflict resolution was a little better than back in the ’60s, though, adding, “I thought about it and realised he was right and I apologised, so everything was alright.”

    It’s more than likely the real conflict was that Eric Clapton would rather split his money with himself, instead of with the other dudes in Cream. But there you have it; no Cream reunion again. Ever. Until someone pays out even more money. [Spinner]